Policy & Advocacy

The Core of What We Do

Policy Goals

Engaging with regulators and lawmakers to ensure the long term viability of the program for qualified patients in need, as well as the health care providers working to meet that need.

Making Illinois’ Medical Cannabis Pilot Program a permanent state program for qualified patients providing them safe, well-regulated access to medical cannabis.

Working with physicians, regulators and lawmakers to expand the list of qualified medical conditions for which cannabis may be recommended to Illinois patients.
Populating the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Advisory Board with health care practitioners who have a robust understanding of the many applications of cannabinoid medicine.

Maintaining a well-regulated system for the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis in Illinois through encouraging voluntary adoption of best practices and self-regulatory models.

Working with our national affiliate, the National Cannabis Industry Association, to advance reform of those federal laws and regulations in conflict with the rights of patients and providers under Illinois’ medical cannabis laws.

Advocacy Groups We Support